Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear stinky Dog

hey there stinky dog. such a nice name i gave you dnt it? just like the way you call me"monyet belanda" and so on. Whoaaaa, you're such an awesome dog i've ever met. cant you stop barking for a day? cause its sicks me. if i am a dog caycher, im gonna kill you. LOL. do you satisfy enough by telling bad stories about me to A? hm, what are you going up to after ths fr making me and A keep arguing? you thinh you're good enough to show of ur gangster thingy to me? LOL, im not that you do. im stronger enough. you're the one who's going down if you wanna 'BITE ME' call of ur dogs friends and ask them to 'bite me' i dnt care cause i know you're just too JEALOUS of my life. i live happily and people loves me not like they love you. Oppsss im sorry to say to say that. but its the truth! you're aint  that good to judge people easily you  morron! you're just being jelly  cause people loves me  more than you. you studip dog, only have  a brain but never to use it fr your own good. hey dog, fr god sake! wake up! arent you ashamed of urself telling lies to people? HAHA im done here. i aint  got nothing by cursing you and so on. kinda EeeeUwwwwww :D thingy. Wanna mess up with me? face to face me, not by talking behind my back. COWARD! HAHA, stop stalking my FB and Blog. and one more thing, I REALLY HOPE YOU READ THS AND FEELS LIKE KILLING YOURSELF. LOL, HAHA :) byeeee

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